Tiger Milk


Tiigrid on ilusad ja liikuvad ning nende piim on toitaineterikas, ka alkohoolset kokteili, mis koosneb piiritusest, meest ja rõõsast koorest, kutsutakse nimega Tiger Milk.



Tiger Milk is an Estonian pop-rock-electronica band with Eva K on vocals, Meelis Meri on keyboards&electronica, Ville Veering on drums&programming and Allar Tiigi on guitar.

Founded in 2009 by Meelis Meri and Ville Veering, 2010 Eva K joined the band and gave it the name Tiger Milk. Newest member Allar joined after the release of their debut album “Supernatural” in 2012.

After the release of the album Tiger Milk has performed mainly in their hometown Tallinn (Mutant Disco, Greenfest) but also in Latvia – at Palladium in Riga and also at Positivus Festival on the Red Bull Stage.

December 7 saw their first sold-out gig in Tallinn club “Sinilind”.

Tiger Milk:

Allar Tiigi

Eva K

Meelis Meri

Ville Veering



Tiger Milk “International Band”